A Little About Me

05 Jan

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Sexton. I was born in a small town (less than 2,000 people small, thought I would clarify since I have heard some people refer to 30,00 as a small town and there’s a big difference) in southern Michigan. I grew up on the farm my family has owned since the mid-1800s. My grandparents lived across the road from us. I have been married to my husband Chad for 7 years. I am a mother of three kids, Brock (5), Jake (2), and Claire (5 months). I am a stay-at-home mom and I homeschool Brock, although with his love of numbers, I think he is teaching me sometimes. I love to bake and I believe that you can enjoy food and still be healthy. I also sew cloth diapers and other baby items, like a changing pad for the diaper bag that my kids will actually fit on, as well as quilting and cross stitch projects. I love books and and learning so I have taken a college class on about every subject there is. I’m really excited that I have a library in the house we have been remodeling and moved into a few months ago. I grew up on a farm and I married a farmer. Right now, we have pigs and steers at my in-laws because we didn’t have room for them at our old house. My husband grows corn, soybeans, and hay. When we get time to get fences built and the barns fixed, we plan to have pigs, cows, and horses. We are considering chickens, although neither of us are bird people, but we would like the eggs. I would never have thought I would do anything fitness related since I am very uncoordinated and never enjoyed sports or anything like that. I started exercising in college though and found that I actually enjoyed it. I recently completed my pre/postnatal fitness specialist certification and am working on completing my personal trainer certification. I am also currently writing blog posts for the Fertility Council and the Bible Feast Blog. I would like to write a book on the lives on pioneer women in Michigan and what it was like raising a family in that period someday, when I have more time to research without filling sippy cups of milk constantly.

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